Top 5+ Best Online Pet Stores in the US

Written/updated: August 31, 2020
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Shopping online for pet supplies is both convenient and easy. The best stores have huge selections with thousands of products and offer free US shipping.

List of the Best Pet Stores

Read on for information about each store.


Chewy – The Best Dedicated Online Pet Store in the US

Chewy is the most popular online pet store in the US. Of course, online shopping malls like Walmart and Amazon are more popular but I am not sure that if you would isolate the pet supply parts that they could beat the Chewy popularity.

The selection of pet supplies is the best of any store after Amazon. They’ve got over 1,600 dry food items for dogs and 1,400 wet food options All very well organized with lots of filters. Choose to browse suitable products for puppies, adults, or seniors. In addition, you can use lots of filters regarding the type of food. This includes filters for weight control, grain-free, chicken-free, sensitive digestion, and more.

For cats, they’ve got a large selection of food as well with over 1,800 wet cat food items and almost 600 dry cat food items. For fish, they’ve got about 300 food items.

Like Walmart, Chewy does also have a pet pharmacy and like Amazon, they do offer a discount when subscribing to regular food deliveries. This store has the best of both worlds!

  • Pets: Dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, reptiles, and small pets.
  • Shipping: Free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49 in the US. $4.95 flat rate for orders below this threshold.

Walmart pet supplies

Walmart – Thousands of Pet Supplies for All Sorts of Pets

The Walmart online store is a huge and very well organized online store. It is a pleasure to browse. The selection of pet supplies is great with over 600 dry dog food items, 300 wet dog food items, 1,000 dog treats. For cats, they’ve got over 300 dry food products, 500 wet food products, 1,000 treats, and 1,000 toys. Whatever you need for your pets, you are likely to find it here.

The selection includes a lot of cheap options as well as more expensive options. In fact, there are dedicated categories for premium dog and cat food.

Walmart online also has a fully licensed pet pharmacy with over 3,000 products called Walmart PetRx.

  • Pets: Dogs, cats, fish, small animals (rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, ++), birds, reptiles, horses, farm animals.
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $35. Some items qualify for free next day delivery while some for free 2-day delivery.

Amazon pet supplies

Amazon – The Top Shopping Site in the US Has Lots of Pet Supplies

Amazon is the most popular online shopping site in the US. It features over 80,000 pet supplies for all sorts of pets. You can subscribe and save 5% or 10% on repeat deliveries of certain pet supplies like on several dry dog food products. The selection is the best of any online shopping site I’ve seen and includes over 2,000 dry dog food options, 1,000 wet dog food options, and 10,000 dog treats. The selection for cats counts over 1,000 dry food options, 1,000 wet food options, 1,000 treats, and over 9,000 toys.

  • Pets: dogs, cats, fish & aquatic pets, birds, horses, reptiles & amphibians, and small animals like rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, and more.
  • Shipping: Amazon offers free and super-fast shipping within the USA for its Prime members. A Prime membership is $12.99/mo at the time of writing this. For non-Prime members, the threshold for free shipping is $25 on eligible items. Your order will be delivered 5-8 days after all your items are available to ship.


Petsmart – One of the Best Online Pet Stores

This online store is the second most popular dedicated pet store in the US that I’ve found. Like Amazon and Chewy, this store does offer a discount (5% off) when subscribing to regular pet food delivery. Delivery frequency can be between 2 weeks and 9 months.

The store does not sell supplies for as wide of a range of pets as Walmart and Amazon do and some of the products are available for in-store purchases only.

However, they win when it comes to animal welfare. They’ve donated over $19 million to “pet-loving organizations” since 1999.

  • Pets: Dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small pets.
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $49 in the US.

Target pet supplies

Target – Huge Store with Lots of Pet Supplies

Target is one of the most popular online stores in the US. It is arguably also one of the best when it comes to pet supplies. For dogs, they’ve got over 250 dry food options, 200 wet food options, and 650 treats. For cats, the selection includes over 100 dry food options, 150 wet food options, close to 100 treats, and about 100 toys. The selection of small animal supplies is not good here. The fish supply section is decent with over 50 items and the bird supply selection is good with close to 200 products.

  • Pets: Dogs, cats, fish, birds, and small animals.
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $35 in the US.

Kohl's pet supplies

Kohl’s – Top Online US Sneaker Consignment Store

Kohl’s has lots of pet supplies for dogs and cats. They’ve also got a few supplies for fish and small animals.  One of the drawbacks is their high minimum order to qualify for free shipping though. Also, they do not sell pet food here. They do sell things like beds, clothing, toys, kennels, and ramps.

  • Pets: Dogs, cats, fish, small animals.
  • Shipping: On US orders $75.

More online pet supply stores

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