Top 10+ Best Online Jewelry Stores

Written/updated: October 14, 2020
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You can buy both high-end and affordable fashion jewelry online. The best stores have thousands of items to choose from.

List of the Best Online Jewelry Stores

Read on for information about each store.


Zales – Top US Online Store With Thousands of Fine Jewelry Items

This store has an awesome selection of jewelry in a wide range of prices. I am not sure if you can order from them from outside of the US though. However, if you reside within the US you can enjoy free shipping.

Jewelry selection

These are the number of products in a few of the categories at the store and the price range for these products.

  • Total jewelry selection: 43,900 ($11 – $61,100)
  • Diamond rings: 15,300 ($20 – $61,100)
  • Gemstone rings: 5,500 ($29 – $18,390)
  • Diamond necklaces: 5,700 ($30 – $36,000)
  • Diamond earrings: 3,600 ($49 – $30,000)

Zales info

  • Shipping: Always free US shipping. Not to US territories.
  • International shipping: No information on their website regarding this.
  • Delayed payments: Split the payment with Affirm.

Zales stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 673,000
  • Website Alexa rank: 33,400 (lower is better – 33,400 means that this is estimated to be the 33,400th most visited website in the world)
  • Followers on Instagram: 174,000

James Allen

James Allen – Great Selection of Diamonds – Free International Shipping

This is a popular online store focusing mainly on diamonds and diamond jewelry. Huge selection of diamonds with over 200,000 earth-created diamonds and over 6,000 lab-created diamonds.

You can not only filter the diamonds by shape, color, clarity, cut, carat, and price. But in addition, you can also select polish, symmetry, lab, depth(%), table(%), and fluorescence.

James Allen offers 24/7 customer support. The support can be reached by phone, chat, or email.

Jewelry selection

  • Diamonds: 200,000
  • Jewelry selection: 1,200 ($120 – $9,000)
  • Total ring selection: 290 ($290 – $5,600)
  • Diamond rings: 75 ($460 – $5,600)
  • Diamond necklaces: 190 ($380 – $3,900)
  • Diamond earrings: 200 ($290 – $7,200)

James Allen info

  • Shipping: Free shipping in the US. Orders over $500 are shipped with FedEx Priority Overnight.
  • International shipping: Free worldwide shipping. International orders over $500 in value are shipped via FedEx International Priority.
  • Delayed payments: Deferred interest if paid in full within 6 months – or – 9.90% APR with 24 monthly payments. Limitations and terms apply for both of these financing options.

James Allen stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 90,500
  • Website Alexa rank: 23,500
  • Followers on Instagram: 79,200

Blue Nile

Blue Nile – Popular EU & US Jewel Store – Diamond Expert

At the time of writing this, there are over 100,000 diamonds to choose from of all shapes, carats, prices, cuts, colors, and clarities. After selecting a diamond you can add it to a ring or to a pendant. There are over 450 different rings and 15 pendants to choose from. Alternatively, you can just add the diamond to your shopping cart and order just that.

You will also find non-custom diamond jewelry here.

There are also a lot of guides & education regarding precious metals, gemstones, pearls, engagement rings, and more on this website.

Blue Nile offers 24/7 live chat and phone support.

Jewelry selection

The actual jewelry selection depends on the location you are shopping from.

  • Diamonds: 100,000
  • Jewelry selection: 2,670 ($30 – $140,000)
  • Total ring selection: 1,600 ($125 – $78,000)
  • Diamond rings: 930 ($200 – $26,300)
  • Gemstone rings: 250 ($200 – $78,000)
  • Diamond necklaces: 240 ($225 – $3,100)
  • Diamond earrings: 350 ($156 – $31,700)

Blue Nile info

This online store ships to EU customers from their EU facility and to US customers from their US facility.

  • Shipping: Free shipping and free returns within the US. Orders over $1,000 are eligible for overnight shipping.
  • International shipping: Fast and free shipping in Europe as well.
  • Delayed payments: No interest if paid in full within 6, 12, or 18 months with your Blue Nile credit card. Some limitations and terms apply.

Blue Nile stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 165,000
  • Website Alexa rank: 13,000
  • Followers on Instagram: 180,000

Amazon jewelry

Amazon – The Online Behemoth Has a Large Jewelry Selection

Amazon is not dedicated to jewelry so I believe you won’t get the same customer support quality as with other dedicated jewelry stores online. There are also many other sellers using Amazon’s platform to sell their jewelry that I don’t know if you can contact easily.

A thumbs up though is the large selection of really affordable jewelry.

Women’s jewelry selection

The numbers for the jewelry selection at Amazon kept changing widely when browsing so take these numbers with a grain of salt.

  • Total jewelry selection: 90,000 ($1 – $181,125)
  • Affordable jewelry priced under $25: 70,000
  • Total ring selection: 100,000 ($3 – $28,495)
  • Diamond rings: 1,000 ($9 – $5,400)
  • Diamond necklaces: 50,000 ($7 – $181,125)
  • Diamond earrings: 50,000 ($7.3 –  $87,000)

Amazon info

  • Shipping: Amazon offers free and super-fast shipping within the USA for its Prime members. A Prime membership is $12.99/mo at the time of writing this. For non-Prime members, the threshold for free shipping is $25 on eligible items. Your order will be delivered 5-8 days after all your items are available to ship.
  • International shipping: International shipping is possible. There is a filter you can set to show only items that are eligible for international shipping in the left sidebar at Amazon.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Amazon stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 124m
  • Website Alexa rank: 12
  • Followers on Instagram: 2.8m

Macy's jewelry

Macy’s – Lots of Both Affordable and High-End Jewelry

One of the most popular online stores in the US. Huge selection of both fine jewelry and inexpensive fashion jewelry.

Women’s jewelry selection

  • Total fine jewelry selection: 17,400 ($10 – $66,750)
  • Total fashion jewelry selection: 10,000 ($6 – $412)
  • Diamond rings: 2,800 ($38 – $42,300)
  • Diamond necklaces: 1,300 ($30 – $24,000)
  • Diamond earrings: 1,100 ($38 – $37,500)

Macy’s info

  • Shipping: Free shipping over $49 in the US.
  • International shipping: Macy’s ships to over 200 locations worldwide.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Macy’s stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 13.6m
  • Website Alexa rank: 585
  • Followers on Instagram: 1.9m

Nordstrom jewelry

Nordstrom – High-End Online Jewelry & Fashion Store

Nordstrom is based in the US and offers free US shipping on most items. They also ship internationally and make it easy for international customers by offering lots of different currencies to choose from.

Women’s jewelry selection

  • Total jewelry selection: 9,300 ($8 – $51,000)
  • Diamond rings: 410 ($50 – $51,000)
  • Diamond necklaces: 440 ($47 – $22,000)
  • Diamond earrings: 500 ($95 – $15,300)

Nordstrom info

  • Shipping: Free shipping applies to almost anything at the store to anywhere in the United States—even Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Expedited shipping is available for $12 to $20 depending on how fast you need your order.
  • International shipping: Yes. Choose your location and currency at the website to show applicable shipping details for your order.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Nordstrom stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 7.5m
  • Website Alexa rank: 935
  • Followers on Instagram: 3.3m


Bloomingdale’s – Jewelry Brand & Online Jewelry Store

Bloomingdale’s sells jewelry of their own brand and other popular brands like Gucci, Temple St. Clair, and Ippolita.

Women’s jewelry selection

  • Total jewelry selection: 9,500 ($24 – $68,000)
  • Rings: 1,600 ($38 – $43,900)
  • Necklaces: 2,600 ($44 – $32,000)
  • Earrings: 3,500 ($24 – $37,500)

Bloomingdale’s info

  • Shipping: Always free shipping on every eligible item for Loyallists. Otherwise, there is a $150 order value threshold to qualify for free shipping within the US.
  • International shipping: Bloomingdale’s ships to over 100 locations worldwide. For a list of available locations, please click the flag in the upper-right corner of their homepage.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Bloomingdale’s stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 1,5m
  • Website Alexa rank: 4,968
  • Followers on Instagram: 909,000

Frost NYC diamondsFrost NYC – Authentic Hip Hop Jewelry With Real Gemstones & Precious Metals

This is probably the best men’s jewelry store. At least if you are looking for big chains and other typical hip hop jewelry items.

Men’s jewelry selection

  • Gold chains: 90 ($279 – $24,400)
  • Gold plated chains: 25 ($48 – $449)
  • Diamond chains: 20 ($5,800 – $141,800)
  • Diamond pendants: 230 ($279 – $13,400)
  • Diamond rings: 370 ($908 – $43,300)

Frost NYC info

  • Shipping: Free expedited shipping within the US.
  • International shipping: Frost NYC also offers international shipping.
  • Delayed payments: Make monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months with Affirm. Rates from 10–30% APR.

Frost NYC stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 14,800
  • Website Alexa rank: 111,400
  • Followers on Instagram: 68,300


Brilliance – The Cheaper and Better Online Diamond Store?

Brilliance surely has the most striking name of the stores on this list. They are trying to position themselves as a better and cheaper place to buy diamonds online. They do offer chat and phone support, but unfortunately not 24/7 and that is surely not better than what Blue Nile and James Allen offer.

However, they do offer the best selection of loose diamonds with over 270,000 different ones. Strangely the cheapest diamonds are not as cheap as what you can find at Blue Nile and James Allen.

After you’ve chosen a diamond you can add it to a setting. There are close to 600 rings to choose from.

All diamonds are conflict-free and the precious metals used are recycled.

Jewelry selection

  • Diamonds: 270,000
  • Diamond earrings: 60 ($585 – $4,350)
  • Diamond necklaces: 70 ($643 – $4,000)

Brilliance info

  • Shipping: Free shipping in the US.
  • International shipping: International orders must be paid via wire transfer, except in Canada where credit and debit cards are accepted as well.
  • Delayed payments: Split your payment with Affirm or PayPal Credit.

Brilliance stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 49,500
  • Website Alexa rank: 65,000
  • Followers on Instagram: 107,000

Walmart jewelry

Walmart – US-Only Online Store with Lots of Affordable Jewelry

Walmart is famous for selling cheap products and having a huge selection of items to choose from. This rings true when it comes to their jewelry selection as well.

Jewelry selection

The highest the selection counter at Walmart goes to is 1,000+ but I believe they have many thousands of jewelry in total.

  • Total fine jewelry selection: 1,000 ($41 – $5,860)
  • Total fashion jewelry selection: 1,000 ($3 – $72)
  • Cheap jewelry priced at $10 or less: 1,000
  • Diamond rings: 1,000 ($22 – $4,000)
  • Diamond necklaces: 1,000 ($9 – $13,050)
  • Diamond earrings: 1,000 ($20 – $2,700)

Walmart info

  • Shipping: Free 2-day shipping over $35. Some products qualify for next day delivery as well.
  • International shipping: Walmart does not ship internationally.
  • Delayed payments: Affirm allows qualified applicants to check out with Affirm and make monthly payments with no interest.

Walmart stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 55.6m
  • Website Alexa rank: 120
  • Followers on Instagram: 2.4m


Kohl’s – Huge Online Department Store with Tons of Jewelry

This store has a huge selection of jewelry. You can browse this selection easily thanks to the many filters in the sidebar. For instance, you can filter the jewelry by 30 different gemstones, 38 material, a wide range of prices, and more.

Jewelry selection

  • Total jewelry selection: 28,600 ($4 – $14,260)
  • Total fine jewelry: 22,600 ($6 – $14,260)
  • Total fashion jewelry: 3,900 ($4 – $1,840)
  • Cheap jewelry priced under $10: 1,300
  • Diamond rings: 2,100 ($16 – $14,260)
  • Diamond necklaces: 1,100 ($10 – $7,980)
  • Diamond earrings: 1,000 ($16 – $9,680)

Kohl’s info

  • Shipping: Free US shipping with a $75 purchase.
  • International shipping: Kohl’s does not offer international shipping.
  • Delayed payments: It does not look like they offer payment options like Klarna or Afterpay.

Kohl’s stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 11.1m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 916.
  • Followers on Instagram: 1.5m.

That’s it – That’s our picks for the best online stores selling jewelry!

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  • Alexa – For Alexa rank. Alexa rank is based on how many estimated visitors a website has. Lower is better. A rank of 1,000, for instance, means that that website is estimated to be the #1,000 most trafficked website in the world.
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