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The Best Online Guitar Stores in the US


You can browse thousands of guitars at the best online stores. Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, and much more.

Updated on November 23rd, 2021
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Guitar Center  Screenshot

Guitar Center The Best Selection of New and Used Guitars Online

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Guitar Center is a store run by music lovers for music lovers. It’s is a true megastore when it comes to guitars and accessories. With thousands of products in stock, it has the best guitar selection of any online store out there by a wide margin. You’ll find both new and used guitars, including both electric and acoustic. Guitar Center is based in the US but offers international shipping to several different countries.

Something great about Guitar Center is that it has instruments for all budgets. This store not only sells some of the most expensive high-end guitars but also some of the cheapest guitars, as well. Not only is there something for the most successful musicians, but there are also affordable items for beginner guitar players learning their first chords and anyone in between.


Selection: 10/10 Prices: $40 – $80,000 Google Search Popularity: <5% Instagram Popularity: 1,4m


Free shipping on many of items within the contiguous US.


Payment plans are available to customers who hold a Guitar Center Gear Card.

Sweetwater  Screenshot

Sweetwater Great Guitar Selection

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Sweetwater is another top online guitar store based in the US. You’ll find a lot of musical instruments here, including guitars and basses. It doesn’t offer quite as good of a guitar selection as Guitar Center, and the price range is not as wide either. Its category system is also a bit different so comparing the two selections is not 100% straightforward. Sweetwater has a variety of products, including microphones, DJ equipment, and music software.

According to Alexa website traffic statistics, Sweetwater is slightly more popular than Guitar Center in the US. Therefore, you can go wrong purchasing from either store, or any of the stores in this list, for that matter.


Selection: 9/10 Prices: $30 – $13,300 Google Search Popularity: <5% Instagram Popularity: 1,4m


Free shipping on most items within the contiguous US.


3 and 6-month payment plans are available based on credit approval.

Adorama  Screenshot

Adorama Huge Guitar Selection

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Adorama is a popular US-based online store that carries guitars and all kinds of other instruments and equipment. There is a store located in New York City that has been around since 1974, but the online store is massive and well-organized. You can buy both new and used guitars here, so you can find some great deals on popular brands. For example, there are more than 600 used guitars from brands like Squier, Fender, and Ibanez and lower prices.

To find the best deals at Adorama, check out the Deals section at the top of the store’s homepage. Here, you’ll find offers and special prices on musical instruments and equipments, including guitars. You can also get financing and othe special perks by getting an Adorama credit card.


Selection: 8/10 Prices: $30 – $12,100 Google Search Popularity: <5% Instagram Popularity: 314k


Many items are eligible for free shipping, but shipping charges are calculated at checkout.


Customers with an Adorama credit card can get 6 or 12-month payment plans. You can also set up a payment plan through PayPal Credit.

Walmart  Screenshot

Walmart Top Cheap Department Store

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Walmart is one of the most recognized stores in the US due to its wide variety of products and low prices. This store has several different kinds of guitars, but it’s impossible to know just how many since the store stops counting products after 1,000. While there’s a large selection of products, the guitar categories at Walmart are a bit messy and they are hard to browse. For example, when looking through acoustic guitars, there are misplaced guitars and miscellaneous items randomly mixed in the category.

Walmart is famous for its cheap prices and large selections. By looking at the store’s selection, it seems that Walmart has some of the cheapest new guitars online. The selection includes a lot of value packs with both guitars and amps for both adults and kids. Even though Walmart is known for cheap products, you’ll find guitars from brands like Fender, Dunlop, and ChromaCast.


Selection: 8/10 Prices: $13 – $1,500 Google Search Popularity: 27% Instagram Popularity: 2,6m


Free 2-day shipping on orders over $35.


Payment plans are available through Affirm.

Amazon  Screenshot

Amazon The World’s Largest Online Store

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Amazon is one of the most popular online stores since it sells almost anything you could want. While there is a nice selection of both new and used guitars, it’s not a pleasure to browse the guitar selection here, though. Many items are placed in the wrong sub-categories. For instance, miniature decorative guitars are mixed in with guitar instruments and electric acoustic guitars are mixed in with acoustic guitars. Amazon has messy categories with random parts and items mixed in with the guitars. Therefore, the numbers below are inflated. When searching, try using some of the tools on the left-hand side of the page to filter these results out.

Amazon is a common stop for many shoppers because of its fast, free shipping that’s offered to Prime members. Products that are eligible for Prime delivery usually arrive within a few days.


Selection: 7/10 Prices: $32 – $4,000 Google Search Popularity: 100% Instagram Popularity: 3,3m


Amazon offers fast, free shipping within the USA for Prime members. Prime membership is $12.99/month. For non-Prime members, free shipping is available on orders over $25 on eligible items.


Payment plans are available on eligible items over $50.

That’s it. Those are our picks as the best online guitar stores!

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About This List

We have used Google Trends to measure search popularity and we’ve gotten the Instagram follower count straight from Instagram itself.

The popularity measures (green meters) are all relative to each other. This means that there will always be one store in these lists that have 100% search popularity and 100% Instagram popularity. The lesser popular stores will have a percentage of that.

Keep in mind that one exponentially more popular store can make other really popular stores look like they are not. They still are – just not in comparison with that one.

The price meters are also relative. All meters start from 0 on the left-hand side.

To select these stores, we also looked at how popular they are on social media and Google. We compared the availability of products, how easy the sites are to use, variety of guitars, and shipping rates.