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The Best Online Fabric Stores in the US


You can buy all kinds of fabrics online. Either from a store specializing in fabrics or from large shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart.

Updated on May 24th, 2022
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Visit Store is part of the Amazon family, so you’ll be able to find products from all over the world at this online store. With close to 70,000 to choose from, this online store has one of the best selections of fabrics anywhere on the web. The site is easy to naviagte since it has lots of categories for fabric types, purpose, and colors. For example, at the top of the page you can choose to shop by fabric type, purpose, or theme and pattern. advertises shopping on Amazon on the store’s homepage since it has been owned by Amazon since 2008. However, it seems that will continue to operate as a separate store. We also had a look at Amazon’s offering when it comes to fabrics, which you’ll find a bit further down on the page.


Selection: 10/10 Prices: $2 – $376 Google Search Popularity: <5% Instagram Popularity: 53k


Free shipping for US orders over $49. There’s a $4.99 shipping fee for orders less than this amount.


No financing available.

JOANN Fabrics  Screenshot

JOANN Fabrics The Most Popular Online Fabric Store

Visit Store

JOANN Fabric was founded in 1943, opening as a single shop, and now has 850 stores in 49 states in the US. This is the most popular online fabric store in the USA according to Google search statistics and is a leader in craft supples. In fact, more people are searching for “JOANN fabrics” than any other search containing the word “fabrics”. This store is so popular since it has a massive selection of fabrics and craft supplies for any project. 

Another reason that crafters choose JOANN is because of the different ways to save. This store has weekly ads and coupons that shoppers can take advantage of, in addition to discount programs. Teachers, military, and healthcare workers, among others, can apply for discounts to save on their orders.

To get started, click Shopping at the top of the page, Fabric, and then you’ll see popular categories that you can browse. From here, you can explore JOANN’s inventory of all kinds of fabrics and crafting supplies.


Selection: 10/10 Prices: $3 – $200 Google Search Popularity: <5% Instagram Popularity: 752k


No free shipping but you can pick up your order in-store for free.


Payment plans are available through Klarna.

Fashion Fabrics Club  Screenshot

Fashion Fabrics Club Neatly Organized Fabric Specialty Store

Visit Store

Fashion Fabrics Club has been a top choice when it comes to buying fabrics since 1956. With a large selection of more than 20,000 fabrics neatly organized in its online store, today it’s one of the best places to buy fabrics online. Even so, this store isn’t as popular as or JOANN. However, it still very might be worth checking out. One of the reasons is that Fashion Fabrics Club offers lots of discount fabrics at low prices. On the store’s homepage, you’ll find a drop-down menu called Discount Fabric where you can browse all the best deals.

In addition to Discount Fabric, you should also check out Fashion Fabrics Club’s Sale section. Here, you’ll find flash sales on all kinds of fabrics. At the time of writing this, you can get an extra 30% off all fleece, felt, and flannel fabrics. While this store doesn’t always offere free shipping, you can get free shipping during certain promotional periods with a discount code.


Selection: 9/10 Prices: $4 – $31 Google Search Popularity: <5% Instagram Popularity: 5k


Free shipping is only available during promotional periods with a discount code.


No payment plans available.

Walmart  Screenshot

Walmart Online Department Store with Lots of Fabrics

Visit Store

Walmart is one of the most popular stores in the US since it carries a little bit of everything at low prices. Walmart’s online store is packed with all kinds of products, including a large selection of fabrics. However, it’s impossible to know exactly how many fabrics are available since the page stops counting products at 1,000. Many types of fabrics have more than 1,000 products, so we don’t know the exact number.

You’ll find fabrics for all kind of projects, especially if you’re looking for seasonal prints and patterns. Walmart makes it easy to shop for all kinds of fabrics since you can shop by type, usage, color, material, and so many other factors. An interesting thing about this store is that it’s quite affordable but also carries fabric from brands like Better Homes & Gardens, Berkshire Home, and David Textiles.


Selection: 8/10 Prices: $1 – $94 Google Search Popularity: 66% Instagram Popularity: 2,6m


Free 2-day shipping on orders over $35.


Payment plans are available through Affirm.

Amazon  Screenshot

Amazon You’ll Find Lots of Fabrics on Amazon

Visit Store

Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping site where you can buy almost anything, including fabrics. You’ll find the fabrics category under Arts, Craft & Sewing. You can do a search for it. There’s a huge selection of thousands of fabrics that you can browse by clicking on the type, seller, or feature. One thing to note is that some unrelated products may still show up in your search. For example, under Fleece, some fleece jackets and sweatshirts might appear.

One of the main reasons that people choose to shop on Amazon is because of the fast, free shipping that comes with a Prime membership. Sometimes you can get shipping same-day or next-day. At the time of writing this article, an Amazon Prime membership costs $12.99 a month.


Selection: 9/10 Prices: $1 – $2,600 Google Search Popularity: 100% Instagram Popularity: 3,3m


Amazon offers fast, free shipping within the USA for Prime members. Prime membership is $12.99/month. For non-Prime members, free shipping is available on orders $25 or over on eligible items.


No payment plans.

That’s it. Those are our picks as the best online fabric stores!

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About This List

We have used Google Trends to measure search popularity and we’ve gotten the Instagram follower count straight from Instagram itself.

The popularity measures (green meters) are all relative to each other. This means that there will always be one store in these lists that have 100% search popularity and 100% Instagram popularity. The lesser popular stores will have a percentage of that.

Keep in mind that one exponentially more popular store can make other really popular stores look like they are not. They still are – just not in comparison with that one.

The price meters are also relative. All meters start from 0 on the left-hand side.

To select these stores, we looked at how popular they are on social media and Google. We compared the availability of products, how easy the sites are to use, the variety of fabrics, and shipping rates.