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You can buy all kinds of fabrics online. Either from a store specializing in fabrics or from large shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart.

Updated on September 19th, 2021
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Read on for information about each store. US-based – The Best Selection of Fabrics

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With close to 70,000 fabrics I believe this online store is the one with the best selection of fabrics in the world. With lots of categories for fabric types, purpose, and colors the site is easy to navigate.

I see they advertise shopping at Amazon on the front page now. has been owned by Amazon since 2008. From what I could find though, will continue to operate as a separate store. We also had a look at Amazon’s offering when it comes to fabrics. You’ll find that a bit further down on the page.

Here’s some of what the selection includes:

  • Cotton Fabrics • 51,600
  • Faux Fur Fabrics • 60
  • Fleece Fabrics • 370
  • Linen Fabrics • 5,100
  • Minky Fabrics • 680
  • Muslin Fabrics • 40
  • Outdoor Fabrics • 2,900
  • Quilting Fabrics • 19,000
  • Rayon Fabrics • 9,700
  • Upholstery Fabrics • 23,500
  • Waterproof Fabrics • 10 Info

  • Shipping: Free shipping for US orders over $49. $4.99 shipping fee for smaller orders.
  • International shipping: Yes. You can find a list of eligible countries on their website.
  • Financing: No.

JOANN US-based – The Most Popular Online Fabric Store

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This is the most popular online fabric store in the USA according to Google search statistics. In fact, more people are searching for ‘Joann fabrics’ than any other search containing the word ‘fabrics’.

JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores was founded in 1943 as a single retail store. Today, there are approximately 850 JOANN stores across the US.

Here’s a snapshot of the selection at this online store:

  • Cotton Fabrics • 680
  • Faux Fur Fabrics • 90
  • Fleece Fabrics • 3,300
  • Linen Fabrics • 50
  • Outdoor Fabrics • 570
  • Polyester Fabrics • 1,400
  • Quilting Fabrics • 8,100
  • Rayon Fabrics • 200
  • Upholstery Fabrics • 3,400


  • Shipping: Buy online and pick-up in-store is always free. Other than that, they don’t offer free shipping.
  • International shipping: Yes. You can find a list of eligible countries on their website.
  • Financing: No.

Fashion Fabrics Club US-based – Neatly Organized Fabric Specialty Store

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With a large selection of over 20,000 fabrics neatly organized in their online store, I think this is one of the best places to buy fabrics online

The store is far from as popular as the or JOANN stores though. However, it still very might be worth checking out. One of the reasons is that they offer lots of discount fabrics. You’ll find these in the main menu on their website.

The selection includes:

  • Cotton Fabrics • 2,300
  • Faux Fur Fabrics • 90
  • Fleece Fabrics • 470
  • Linen Fabrics • 440
  • Minky Fabrics • 60
  • Muslin Fabrics • 9
  • Outdoor Fabrics • 110
  • Polyester Fabrics • 6,300
  • Quilting Fabrics • 25
  • Rayon Fabrics • 1,900
  • Silk Fabrics • 2,000
  • Upholstery Fabrics • 5,000

Fashion Fabrics Club Info

  • Shipping: They are running a free shipping coupon at the time of writing this. Otherwise they don’t offer a free shipping threshold.
  • International shipping: Yes. You can find a list of eligible countries on their website.
  • Financing: No.

Walmart US-only – Online Department Store with Lots of Fabrics

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Walmart online is packed with products including lots of fabrics. The numbers showing the number of fabrics of each type at Walmart are limited to a max of 1,000. This means that all I know is that the largest categories of fabrics each have over 1,000 products. It could be 1,001 or 10,000 or any number in between.

The selection includes over 1,000 upholstery fabrics and much more.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the selection:

  • Cotton Fabrics • 1,000
  • Fleece Fabrics • 650
  • Muslin Fabrics • 7
  • Outdoor Fabrics • 730
  • Polyester Fabrics • 1,000
  • Quilting Fabrics • 1,000
  • Silk Fabrics • 140
  • Upholstery Fabrics • 1,000

Walmart Info

  • Shipping: Free 2-day shipping over $35. Some products qualify for next-day delivery as well.
  • International shipping: No.
  • Financing: Affirm allows qualified applicants to check out with Affirm and make monthly payments with no interest.

Amazon US-based – You’ll Find Lots of Fabrics on Amazon

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Amazon is another huge online shopping site where you can buy almost anything, including fabrics. You’ll find the fabrics category under Arts, Craft & Sewing. You can do a search for it.

They’ve got about 400 upholstery and furniture fabrics, over 10,000 quilting fabrics.

Here are some numbers describing the selection:

  • Batik Fabrics • 640
  • Faux Fur Fabrics • 300
  • Fleece Fabrics • 1,000
  • Linen Fabrics • 650
  • Minky Fabrics • 450
  • Muslin Fabrics • 240
  • Quilting Fabrics • 10,000
  • Rayon Fabrics • 520
  • Silk Fabrics • 460

Amazon Info

  • Shipping: Amazon offers free and super-fast shipping within the USA for its Prime members. A Prime membership is $12.99/mo at the time of writing this. For non-Prime members, the threshold for free shipping is $25 on eligible items. Your order will be delivered 5-8 days after all your items are available to ship.
  • International shipping: International shipping is possible. There is a filter you can set to show only items that are eligible for international shipping in the left sidebar at Amazon.
  • Financing: No.

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