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The Best Online Diamond Stores


The best jewelry stores online selling diamonds have thousands of options to choose from. Most offer free US shipping and also ships internationally.

Updated on November 12th, 2021
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Read on for information about each store.

Notice: As with all international shipping, your country may apply VAT, taxes, duties, and similar. Please make sure to check out the details at the store as well as with your authorities before placing a purchase.

Blue Nile US-based – Maybe The Best Dedicated Online Diamond Store

The Blue Nile is the most popular online diamond store according to web traffic data. At the time of writing this, there are over 100,000 diamonds to choose from of all shapes, carats, prices, cuts, colors, and clarities. After selecting a diamond you can add it to a ring or to a pendant. There are over 450 different rings and 15 pendants to choose from. Alternatively, you can just add the diamond to your shopping cart and order just that.

You can then choose the material of the pendant or the ring. 14k or 18k white gold, or 18k yellow gold, or platinum seems to be the 4 options available.

This store has the most expensive diamonds I’ve seen online with prices going all the way up to over $2.5m. This is for an 18.91-carat diamond. They do also have a wide range of diamonds priced at under $300.

You will also find non-custom diamond jewelry here. They’ve got a little over 1,800 diamond jewelry items, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. These items are priced between $156 and $140,000.

Blue Nile offers 24/7 live chat and phone support.

All Blue Nile diamonds are warranted to be conflict-free. In addition, Blue Nile work to ensure that their gold and metals come from suppliers that meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria.

  • Prices: $275 to $2.56m.
  • Shipping: Free shipping and free returns within the US. Orders over $1,000 are eligible for overnight shipping.
  • International: Blue Nile ships internationally to 45 different countries.

James Allen US-based – Top Store Focusing on Custom Diamond Jewelry

This is another popular online store focusing mainly on diamonds and diamond jewelry, like the Blue Nile store. This store has an even bigger selection of diamonds with over 200,000 earth-created diamonds and over 6,000 lab-created diamonds.

You can not only filter the diamonds by shape, color, clarity, cut, carat, and price. But in addition, you can also select polish, symmetry, lab, depth(%), table(%), and fluorescence.

James Allen offers 24/7 customer support. The support can be reached by phone, chat, or email.

All of the diamonds are certified conflict-free.

  • Prices: $220 to $1.84m (earth-created).
  • Prices: $210 to $67,000 (lab-created).
  • Shipping: Free shipping in the US. Orders over $500 are shipped with FedEx Priority Overnight.
  • International: Free worldwide shipping. International orders over $500 in value are shipped via FedEx International Priority.

Amazon US-based – The Best Selection of Diamond Jewelry

Amazon is the #1 most popular and arguably overall best shopping site in the US. With over 9,000 women’s diamond jewelry items and over 1,000 for men, the selection of jewelry items with diamonds is definitely the best online at the time of writing this. However, the dedicated jewelry stores Blue Nile, James Allen, and Brilliance offer way larger selections of loose diamonds.

Women’s diamond rings are priced between $13 and $32,000.

The best thing when shopping for diamonds at Amazon is that you can filter the results by diamond carat, color, clarity, cut, and shape. There are also filters to show only items with certain metals or specific colors.

  • Prices (women’s diamonds): $10 to $181,100.
  • Prices (men’s diamonds): $11 to $97,000.
  • Shipping: Amazon offers free and super-fast shipping within the USA for its Prime members. A Prime membership is $12.99/mo at the time of writing this. For non-Prime members, the threshold for free shipping is $25 on eligible items. Your order will be delivered 5-8 days after all your items are available to ship.
  • International: International shipping is possible. There is a filter you can set to show only items that are eligible for international shipping in the left sidebar at Amazon.

Macy’s US-based – Amazing Selection of Diamond Jewelry

Macy’s has a huge selection of all sorts of diamond jewelry online. The selection counts over 6,000 items at the time of writing this. This includes over 500 certified diamonds, 50 Forevermark diamonds, and about 80 lab-grown diamonds.

Macy’s is definitely one of the best diamond stores online in the US that also offer worldwide shipping. Not only thanks to its huge selection, but also because the site is pleasant to browse with several filters to help find what you’re looking for quickly.

Unfortunately, there seem to be no dedicated sections for men and women. I am not sure if they’ve got only women’s jewelry or if there are men’s items mixed in with the results.

Check out the discount filter in the left sidebar at Macy’s for some great deals.

  • Prices: $40 to $65,000.
  • Shipping: Free shipping over $49 in the US.
  • International: Macy’s ships to over 200 locations worldwide.

Nordstrom US-based – Over 2,100 Diamond Jewelry Options for Women

There are over 2,100 diamond jewelry items to choose from for women at the moment at Nordstrom. This includes over 500 diamond rings priced between and $115 and $35,500.

  • Prices: $47 to $39,300.
  • Shipping: Almost every item on Nordstrom qualifies for free shipping to anywhere in the US. Nordstrom offers same-day delivery in New York City and in the Hamptons for a small $20 fee.
  • International: Nordstrom offers international shipping.

Bloomingdale’s US-based – Huge Selection of Diamond Jewelry for Women

At the time of writing this, there are over 1,500 diamond jewelry items to choose from for women here. The prices range from just $280 for the cheapest item (on sale) and all way up to $30,000 for their most expensive item. It looks like all are of Bloomingdale’s own brand and many of the items are 100% exclusive to this site.

  • Prices: $280 to $30,000.
  • Shipping: Always free shipping on every eligible item for Loyallists. Otherwise, there is a $150 order value threshold to qualify for free shipping within the US.
  • International: ships to over 100 locations worldwide. For a list of available locations, please click the flag in the upper-right corner of the homepage.

Walmart US-based – Wide Range of Diamond Jewelry for Men and Women

As expected Walmart has lots of cheap options also when it comes to diamonds. The selection of diamond jewelry for women includes over 1,000 diamond bracelets, 1,000 diamond earrings, 1,000 diamond necklaces, 1,000 diamond rings, and close to 200 diamond sets.

The women’s diamond rings are priced between $10 and $36,900.

Walmart also sells diamond jewelry for men, unlike most of the other stores online. It includes a lot of cheap options like fake hip hop jewelry. But with over 1,000 items the selection of men’s diamonds is huge here and it does also include real hip hop jewelry with diamonds costing up to $49,400.

  • Prices (women’s diamonds): $20 to $43,000.
  • Prices (men’s diamonds): $6 to $49,400.
  • Shipping: Free shipping within the US on orders over $35 in most cases.
  • International: No international shipping.

Brian Gavin US-based – ‘The World’s Finest Signature Collection’

The diamonds here are personally designed and overseen by master cutter, Brian Gavin, for his Signature Line, or hand-selected by Brian from trusted suppliers for his Select Line. Naturally, this limits the selection. There are about 650 loose diamonds to choose from here. Many of the diamonds do not only have actual photos but also videos showing the brilliance and sparkle of each diamond.

After selecting a diamond you can choose a ring or pendant to attach it to. There are over 300 ring settings and 21 pendant settings to choose from.

There is also non-custom diamond jewelry here starting at under $180.

Brian Gavin does of course not deal in the flow of conflict diamonds.

  • Prices: $426 to $132,250.
  • Shipping: Free FedEx Standard Overnight shipping within the US for orders over $5,000. Orders from $100 – $5000 are shipped with FedEx 2nd Day. For orders under $100, shipping is $10 for FedEx 3 Day shipping. There is a $20 surcharge for Saturday delivery if requested.
  • International: Brian Gavin ships to Australia.

Brilliance US-based – Trying to Position Itself as The Cheaper and Better Option

Brilliance surely has the most striking name of the stores on this list. They are trying to position themselves as a better and cheaper place to buy diamonds online.

They do offer chat and phone support, but unfortunately not 24/7 and that is surely not better than what Blue Nile and James Allen offer.

However, they do offer the best selection of loose diamonds with over 270,000 different ones. Strangely, the cheapest diamonds are not as cheap as what you can find at Blue Nile and James Allen.

After you’ve chosen a diamond you can add it to a setting. There are close to 600 rings to choose from.

There is also non-custom diamond jewelry here like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and designer rings. This includes about 85 diamond rings for men priced between $209 and $7,700.

All diamonds are conflict-free and the precious metals used are recycled.

  • Prices: $350 to $1.31m.
  • Shipping: Free shipping in the US.
  • International: International orders must be paid via wire transfer, except in Canada where credit and debit cards are accepted as well.

Frost NYC US-based – Authentic Hip Hop Jewelry w/ Diamonds

This is probably the best men’s jewelry store. At least if you are looking for big chains and other typical hip hop jewelry items. You’ll find diamond chains costing between $5,800 and $142,000 here, diamond pendants between $265 and $13,400, in addition to diamond rings, bracelets, and watches.

  • Prices: $265 to $142,000.
  • Shipping: Free expedited shipping within the US.
  • International: Frost NYC also offers international shipping.

That’s it! These are our top picks for the best online diamond stores.

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