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The Best Online Computer Stores


The best online computer stores have thousands of laptops, desktops, monitors, and components for sale.

Updated on November 26th, 2021
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Newegg Computer Screenshot

Newegg US-based – The Best Online Computer Store

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Newegg is an online retailer that sells everything you need when it comes to computers. This store has a vast number of computers and components for sale, giving its customers thousands of options. When browsing, you can choose from a lot of different filters to narrow down the selection for your specific needs. You can, for instance, filter the computers by the type of CPU, RAM, graphics card, and other things, like SSD storage and form factor. The selection includes thousands of new computers, in addition to lots of refurbished ones, too.

The reason Newegg has one of the best computer selections online is that they allow other sellers to put their items up for sale here, too. You can use the filters to show only items sold by Newegg themselves. That will limit the selection by a lot, though.


Computer Selection: 10/10 Computer Prices: $70 – $12,750 Google Search Popularity: <5% Instagram Popularity: 416k


Free US shipping on most of computers. Choose your country when visiting Newegg for international shipping.


Payment plans are available to Newegg store card holders or through Zip.

Amazon Computer Screenshot

Amazon US-based – The #1 Online Shopping Site in the US

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As the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon has the best selection of computers online. This is true when it comes to both complete computers and computer components. Even though Amazon has the best selection, it lacks some of the detailed filters that Newegg offers. Amazon is also not a specialty computer store, instead, it is more like an online marketplace online with lots of sellers selling all sorts of products.

Amazon offers a number of products at different price points, so you’re sure to find something within your budget. While the selection is massive, it’s hard to know exactly how many products are in each category since accessories or unrelated items sometimes show up in search results.


Computer Selection: 10/10 Computer Prices: $45 – $9,700 Google Search Popularity: 100% Instagram Popularity: 3,3m


Amazon offers fast, free shipping to Prime members. Prime membership costs $12.99 a month. For non-Prime members, free shipping is available on eligible items on orders $25 and over. International shipping is possible, as many countries have their own Amazon site.


Payment plans are available on eligible items.

That’s it. Those are our picks as the best online computer stores!

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About This List

We have used Google Trends to measure search popularity and we’ve gotten the Instagram follower count straight from Instagram itself.

The popularity measures (green meters) are all relative to each other. This means that there will always be one store in these lists that have 100% search popularity and 100% Instagram popularity. The lesser popular stores will have a percentage of that.

Keep in mind that one exponentially more popular store can make other really popular stores look like they are not. They still are – just not in comparison with that one.

The price meters are also relative. All meters start from 0 on the left-hand side.

To select these stores, we also looked at how popular they are on social media and Google. We compared the availability of products, how easy the sites are to use, variety of computers, and shipping rates.

Best Buy US-based – Good Selection of Computers Online

I believe Best Buy is the most popular online store for electronics in the US. They offer a decent selection of computers and computer components, in addition to all sorts of other electronics like TVs and appliances.

Best Buy is not a specialty computer store like Newegg is.

Computer Selection

  • Desktop computers: 660
  • Gaming desktops: 300
  • Laptops: 860
  • Gaming laptops: 210
  • Monitors: 440

Computer Components

  • CPUs: 40
  • GPUs: 80
  • RAM: 80
  • Motherboards: 50

Best Buy Info

  • Shipping: Free US shipping for most of the computers.
  • International shipping: No.
  • Financing: Yes, you can opt for lease-to-own with a 12-month standard agreement.

Best Buy Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 20.4m
  • Website Alexa rank: 180
  • Followers on Instagram: 356,000

Walmart US-only – Huge Online Department Store with Lots of Computers

Walmart is a pleasure to browse. All well-organized. They’ve got large amounts of computers and computer components for sale.

They do also allow other sellers to sell their products on so not all products found here are sold by Walmart themselves.

Computer Selection

Walmart’s selection counter stops at 1,000. The actual selection count might be way higher.

  • Desktop computers: 1,000
  • Gaming desktops: 1,000
  • Laptops: 1,000
  • Gaming laptops: 1,000
  • Monitors: 1,000

Computer Components

  • CPUs: 1,000
  • GPUs: 1,000
  • RAM: 1,000
  • Motherboards: 1,000

Walmart Info

  • Shipping: Free 2-day shipping over $35. Some products qualify for next day delivery as well.
  • International shipping: No.
  • Financing: Affirm allows qualified applicants to check out with Affirm and make monthly payments with no interest.

Walmart Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 55.6m
  • Website Alexa rank: 120
  • Followers on Instagram: 2.4m

B&H US-based – Decent Selection of Computers Online

B&H Photo Video is most famous for its selection of photo and video cameras. However, it has a decent selection of computers and computer components as well.

It is one of the most popular online stores in the US overall.

Computer selection

  • Desktop computers: 400
  • Gaming desktops: 55
  • Laptops: 1,700
  • Gaming laptops: 190
  • Monitors: 1,000

Computer components

  • CPUs: 180
  • GPUs: 270
  • RAM: 780
  • Motherboards: 430

B&H info

  • Shipping: Most items at B&H qualify for free US shipping. Most orders over $49 qualify for free expedited shipping within the contiguous USA.
  • International shipping: Yes.
  • Financing: Yes, with PayPal Credit.

B&H stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 368,000
  • Website Alexa rank: 653
  • Followers on Instagram: 447,000

Staples US-based – Good Selection of Computers Online

Staples is one of the most popular online stores in the US. It offers a good selection of computers, in addition to a lot of office supplies and more.

Computer Selection

  • Desktop computers: 2,500
  • Gaming desktops: 90
  • Laptops: 1,700
  • Gaming laptops: 210
  • Monitors: 900

Computer Components

  • Staples does not sell computer components.

Staples Info

  • Shipping: Free US shipping for all orders.
  • International shipping: No.
  • Financing: Interest-free financing is possible with the Staples credit card.

Staples Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 4.1m
  • Website Alexa rank: 1,300
  • Followers on Instagram: N/A