Top 10 Best Online Clothing Stores

These are the top online stores for designer clothing, name-brand clothing, and cheap clothing for women, men, or kids.

Updated on September 18th, 2021
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Read on for information about each store.

Shein Huge Cheap Online Fashion Store

Shein is according to the stats (mentioned below) one of the absolutely most popular online clothing stores in the US. It also sells one of the cheapest pairs of women’s jeans of all of the online stores we’ve written about here. There are some great bargains to be had here.

The selection is also vast, which is a big plus.

According to the numbers shown on the Shein website their selection of women’s clothing includes over 68,000 items while the men’s selection counts a little over 7,000 items.

There is a dedicated section for plus-sized clothing for women here that boasts over 26,000 items.

There are also categories with clothes for teen boys, girls, and babies here.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $6.5 to $40.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $18 to $38.
  • Shipping: $3.99. Free on US orders over $49.
  • International shipping: Yes, check out the price for shipping to your county on their website.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Shein Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 5m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 547.
  • Followers on Instagram: 13.7m.

Macy’s Huge Name-Brand Clothing Store

This is one of the most popular online stores in the USA. Clothing is their main focus as shown by the huge selection they carry.

For women, there are over 28,000 different clothes for sale here. For men, there are over 37,000 clothes, and for kids, there are thousands of clothes to choose from as well. For newborn babies and baby boys and baby girls, the selection is also great with hundreds of items to choose from.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $10 to $235.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $14 to $249.
  • Shipping: Continuously running promotions for free US shipping with low thresholds like $25. No minimums when shopping with your Macy’s credit card.
  • International shipping: Macy’s ship to over 200 locations worldwide. Choose your country from a huge list when visiting Macy’s.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Macy’s Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 13.6m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 585. (This means that this website is the 585th most popular in the world according to traffic statistics.)
  • Followers on Instagram: 1.9m.

Farfetch Top High-End Designer Clothing Store

There are so many very popular high-end online designer clothing stores to choose from. I believe Farfetch might be the best one according to the size of their selection and also the numbers that show that it is really popular amongst online shoppers.

I can’t find exact numbers for how big their selection really is. But there are at least over 10,000 designer clothes for both women and men here, in addition to thousands of designer clothes for kids and babies as well.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $98 to $5,040.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $88 to $5,670.
  • Shipping: A few items qualify for a 90-minute delivery within New York. Some items qualify for same-day delivery to Bal Harbour, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Miami, New York, Santa Monica. Free shipping on certain items/orders.
  • International shipping: Yes. Choose your county when visiting the store to see the correct shipping details.
  • Delayed payments: AfterPay is available in Australia. Klarna is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Hopefully, they will roll out more options soon.

Farfetch Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 301,000.
  • Website Alexa rank: 797.
  • Followers on Instagram: 2.4m.

boohoo Top Affordable Fashion Store

This is a fashion store with lots of cool clothes. Maybe especially for young adults. You won’t find the famous name brands here. Instead, the store is packed with edgy fashion that is really affordable.

One thing that takes a bit of the affordability away from this online store is that they do not offer free shipping.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $12 to $36.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $10 to $36.
  • Shipping: Flat shipping fee of $9.99 within the US. Delivery within 6 days. Express shipping is available for $5 more.
  • International shipping: Delivery within Europe takes up to 7 working days and international delivery takes up to 5-14 working days. The shipping fee is $12.99.
  • Delayed payments: Split your payment into 4 pieces with Klarna or Afterpay.

boohoo Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 673,000.
  • Website Alexa rank: 1,743.
  • Followers on Instagram: 6.8m.

Kohl’s Huge Online Store with Cheap and Name-Brand Clothing

Kohl’s is one of the best and most popular online stores selling clothing. Their selection is enormous with close to 40,000 clothes for women, over 70,000 for men. In addition to kids’ and baby clothing also.

You will find lots of famous brands here, including Lee, Levi’s, Nike, and many more.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $13 to $89.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $22 to $80.
  • Shipping: Free US shipping with a $75 purchase.
  • International shipping: Kohl’s does not offer international shipping.
  • Delayed payments: It does not look like they offer payment options like Klarna or Afterpay.

Kohl’s Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 11.1m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 916.
  • Followers on Instagram: 1.5m.

Walmart Maybe the Best Cheap Online Clothing Store

Walmart is famous in the US for its low prices and a massive selection of products. This is true when it comes to their online store and clothing as well. In addition, this online store is really well organized with sub-categories and images for easy browsing.

A slight drawback is that the selection of well-known clothing brands is very limited.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $10 to $49.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $9 to $64.
  • Shipping: Free 2-day shipping over $35. Some products qualify for next day delivery as well.
  • International shipping: Walmart does not ship internationally.
  • Delayed payments: Affirm allows qualified applicants to check out with Affirm and make monthly payments with no interest.

Walmart Stats

Walmart is a huge online store selling all sorts of products. Naturally, they will have better stats than most dedicated online clothing stores.

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 55.6m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 120.
  • Followers on Instagram: 2.4m.

Nordstrom Top Higher-End Clothing Store

You’ll find a vast selection of name-brand and designer clothing online at Nordstrom. Top names like Balenciaga, Burberry, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Gucci, Moncler, Prada, Saint Laurent, and Valentino have their own sections at this store.

For women, the selection includes over 28,000 clothes. For men, there are just over 8,000 clothes to choose from.

For kids and babies, there are hundreds of clothing items for sale here.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $25 to $1,895.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $36 to $1,350.
  • Shipping: Free shipping applies to almost anything at the store to anywhere in the United States—even Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Expedited shipping is available for $12 to $20 depending on how fast you need your order.
  • International shipping: Yes. Choose your location and currency at the website to show applicable shipping details for your order.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Nordstrom Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 7.5m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 935.
  • Followers on Instagram: 3.3m.

Amazon This Online Behemoth has a Huge Clothing Selection

As expected Amazon sells clothing and lots of it. Look for the Amazon Fashion section. This is where you will find the clothes, shoes, and accessories for sale at Amazon.

The clothing selection might be the best anywhere online. However, they do not have a lot of high-end designer clothing and I believe they lack a lot of popular brands. Anyways, the sheer numbers show that there are over 50,000 dresses to choose from here, 10,000 coats, jackets & vests, and 10,000 jeans for women. For men, there are over 60,000 shirts, 20,000 jackets & coats, and over 5,000 jeans.

You can also find kids’ clothing and baby clothing here.

When browsing for the cheapest clothing at Amazon, make sure to check for “Free Shipping by Amazon” (available in the US) to not show products that are listed at $0.01 and costs $15 in shipping. It looks like a lot of the sellers on Amazon are exploiting this.

As far as I can tell the only payment options are credit & debit cards.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $5 to $845.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $7 to $1,999.
  • Shipping: Amazon offers free and super-fast shipping within the USA for its Prime members. A Prime membership is $12.99/mo at the time of writing this. For non-Prime members, the threshold for free shipping is $25 on eligible items. Your order will be delivered 5-8 days after all your items are available to ship.
  • International shipping: International shipping to most countries worldwide is possible.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Like Walmart, Amazon sells all kinds of things so the stats below are a bit too good to be true when comparing with other online stores that sell only clothing and shoes.

Amazon Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 124m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 12.
  • Followers on Instagram: 2.8m.

Zappos Top US Shoe & Clothing Store Online

Zappos is best known as a top online shoe store that offers free US shipping on every order. However, they do have tons of clothing for sale as well.

In fact, the numbers show that they’ve got over 28,000 women’s clothing items for sale, 18,000 for men, and over 5,000 for both boys and girls (from toddlers to teens).

The selection of name brands is great and includes popular ones like Adidas, Nike, and The North Face. They do not seem to sell any high-end designer brands though.

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $24 to $450.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $32 to $715.
  • Shipping: Zappos offers free standard shipping (3-5 business days) on all US orders of any amount. Zappos VIP customers and those who use the Zappos mobile app can also qualify for free expedited shipping.
  • International shipping: No.
  • Delayed payments: No.

Zappos Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 1.5m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 1,406.
  • Followers on Instagram: 374,000.

Fashion Nova The Winner in Social Media – Affordable Fashion

Fashion Nova has the most Instagram followers of all the stores we’ve written about here. A staggering 19.1 million people are following the fashion updates they post on Instagram.

Fashion Nova is both the name of the fashion brand and its online store.

The selection is also great with over 1,500 jeans to choose from for women. For men, there are a few more than 250 pairs of jeans to choose from here.

Be aware that there is a bit of a strict return policy at this online store. “All items with prices ending in $ .00, .96, .97, and .98 are considered Final Sale and cannot be returned for store credit.”

  • Prices (women’s jeans): $7 to $90.
  • Prices (men’s jeans): $17 to $60.
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $75 in the US and Canada.
  • International shipping: Yes.
  • Delayed payments: Pay in 4 installments with Quadpay. There is a flat $1 fee to use Quadpay.

Fashion Nova Stats

  • Monthly Google searches in the US: 4.1m.
  • Website Alexa rank: 3,915.
  • Followers on Instagram: 19.1m.

That’s it! These are our top picks for the best online clothing stores.

About This Top List

We use what we learn from writing about the top online stores at several websites part of our online shopping network, Oshoppo. We’ve written about 100 online clothing stores at Ostoi so far and decided to write this article featuring what we think are the top 10 clothing stores overall.

Data Sources

The stats for each store was gathered in October 2020.

  • SEMRush – For monthly Google search volume data.
  • Alexa – For Alexa rank. Alexa rank is based on how many estimated visitors a website has. Lower is better. A rank of 1,000, for instance, means that that website is estimated to be the #1,000 most trafficked website in the world.
  • Instagram – For Instagram follower count.