Presenting the Best is part of the online shopping network, Oshoppo.

Oshoppo features several websites where we dig out detailed information about the best online stores for all sorts of product categories. We use what we learn from that research and present lists of only the best stores here onĀ Presenting the Best.

In addition to lists of the best online stores, we also create lists of the best brands in the world and other things related to shopping and ecommerce.

Advertising Partners

We have commercial partnerships with many of the online stores that are part of our best-of lists. This means that we may earn a commission if you click on a link to go to those online stores and purchase something.

How We Decide the Ranks

When deciding which stores are the best, these are our criteria.

  • How good of a selection the store has
  • How popular the store is on social media and in searches
  • How many visitors the store website has
  • How good are the shipping and return policies
  • How pleasant is the online store to browse and navigate
  • We also consider if we have a sponsored relationship with the store